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Press Kit

Our press kit contains screen shots, icons, and an app description. Download it here.


Primary is a powerful Instagram gallery app. Hide unwanted photos, create lists of people and tags, fast-switch between accounts, pinch to zoom, and much more.


Available for free with one in app purchase to unlock all features.


  • FILTERING: curate your gallery - hide people, posts, or tags you don't want to see
  • SIMPLE LISTS: make lists of up to 10 users or hashtags
  • MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS: fast-switch between all your (or your family's) accounts
  • POWERFUL GALLERY: double-tap to like, read and write comments, view on a map, and filter all without leaving the gallery
  • ISOLATE AND ZOOM: tap a photo to isolate it, then pinch to zoom
  • UNREAD COMMENTS INDICATOR: quickly find new comments
  • LAST VIEWED PHOTO INDICATOR: know where you left off
  • URL SUPPORT: URLs in comments are tappable
  • THUMBNAILS: view any gallery's thumbnails, even in your feed (iPhone-only)
  • UNIVERSAL APP: view your gallery on iPhone and iPad
  • ICLOUD: all of your filters, lists, unread comment and last viewed photo information are all synced
  • BARCKGROUND UPDATING your feed is loaded and ready when you come back to the app
  • APP BADGE: see how many new posts are waiting for you
  • THEMES: light and dark themes
  • 1PASSWORD: stop entering your passwords manually like an animal (and go download 1Password if you haven't already)
  • SHARING OPTIONS: long-press to share
  • KEYBOARD COMMANDS: 12345 to jump through sections, up/down to scroll, F to toggle filtering, A to jump to accounts, R to refresh (iPad only)

NOTE: You need to have an Instagram account to use Primary. You can not post photos to Instagram from this app. This product uses the Instagram API but is not endorsed or certified by Instagram.